Ann Coulter et al. at Coral Ridge

On August 20 the Coral Ridge Hour broadcast included a feature on “The ACLU vs. Creation in the Classroom,” featuring Ann Coulter and a number of others. The 7½-minute video can be viewed in RealPlayer, and is linked from .

In an item on “Hitler as Darwin’s Love Child,” People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch transcribes this bit from Coulter’s contribution:

I’ll let the scientists decide what should be taught in science class,  but it seems to me the one thing that shouldn’t be taught in science class is a crack pot nineteenth century mystery religion [i.e., the “mystery religion” of Darwinism – tw] … [public schools are] the left’s madrassas and they propagandize to the children six hours a day, 12 years of the child life.

(The PFAW page includes links for viewing just that bit from Coulter’s comments.)

For more on Dr. D James Kennedy & Coral Ridge vs. Evolution, see and


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  1. […] It could be that those who see religion in the T-shirt design have been influenced by those who preach that “Darwinism” is itself a religion. Anne Coulter, for example, has referred to Darwinism as “a crack pot nineteenth century mystery religion.” […]

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