It’s not a matter of disallowing talk about ID

In a post on Jonathan Wells’ Politically Incorrect Guide™ to Darwinism and Intelligent Design, Chris Mooney (author of The Republican War on Science) says on his blog that he agrees with Wells on the point that (quoting Wells) “Anyone who studies American history knows that telling people they are not allowed to talk about something is the tactic least likely to succeed in the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Mooney continues: “There’s something to this. Evolution defenders have been forced into the position of trying to shut down the teaching of ID; that in turn allows the ID people to have the enviable rhetorical stance of invoking free speech and the freedom of ideas. Wells is wrong that a scientific revolution is happening, but right that our strategy needs a lot of work.”

Although IDers like to claim that dogmatic Darwinists are trying to disallow people from talking about ID, that is of course not what’s going on. Maybe the “reworked” strategy would include sponsoring more opportunities for folks to talk about ID. Not in classes on biology, of course, but only because it’s not part of the science of biology. Maybe they could talk about it in their French and Spanish classes–but of course only if they’re talking in the language that they are supposed to be learning in that class.


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    Good points, Tony. Biology is not the place for theological debate. There are other classes for that.

    I just finished writing about my calling in experience on the show – Jeremy from Frostburg. Fun stuff.

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