Video on True Science and Surgery

Over at The Panda’s Thumb, bhumburg has posted “a review of modern cardiological techniques.” Predictably, this post is full of the Darwinist religious bias (see Coulter et al.) that we have come to expect from the barflies at Panda’s.

For the (revealed) truth that thoracic surgeons need to know, see . Seriously, this is one video you don’t want to miss.

Seriously (really, this time), I’m sorry to hear about Panda’s folk having cardiovascular problems. I won’t forget the first time i was at an academic conference where it was anounced that a colleague of my age (thirty-something at the time) would not make his scheduled presentation because he’d suffered a heart attack. I wish I could say that the room falling silent was only from concern for him. (He is fine now, PTL!)

And so, finally SERIOUSLY, I’m glad the Panda’s crew is getting rested. To KANSAS and BEYOND!


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