YAF’s “Battleplan” for Conservative Campus Activism

added June 26, 2008: I see now that the post I was reporting here, and linked below, has disappeared.

The YAF page is now at http://yaf.org/students/activists/battleplan/index.cfm . As of now, it says

The 2008-2009 Campus Conservative Battleplan will be released soon.
Please check back for availability.

Coming soon to a campus near you …

New Guide Offers Students Ways to Confront Liberalism on Campus
defunct link: //headlines.agapepress.org/archive/9/62006b.asp

‘Among other things, the “Battleplan” encourages conservative students to promote intellectual diversity at their schools by investigating school’s funding practices, and by examining reading assignments and the voter registrations of professors for evidence of anti-conservative or pro-liberal bias. This month, however, Coyle says perhaps the most relevant way for conservative students to get involved is to honor victims of the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

“We found a few years ago that most universities and even high schools were completely ignoring the day,” the author notes. “Unfortunately, some schools are eager to go out and celebrate obscure leftist holidays like Caesar Chavez Day,” he says, “but they didn’t want to recognize one of the most influential events in recent American history, namely September 11.”‘

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