Wikipedia, ID-creationism, and “banned books”

I emailed a Wikipedia insider about the recent flap over ID folk inserting Of Pandas and People into the list of “banned books” in an article on that topic. His reply includes relevant links, as well as a link for Casey Luskin’s post “putting Wikipedia on notice” about the anti-ID bias in Wikipedia science articles. (!)

The upshot is that there are other ways to handle this besides unending edit wars.

These developments were reported here on THE QUESTIONABLE AUTHORITY, and updated later here on that blog, with cross-posts here and here on THE PANDA’S THUMB (with comments).

I called this to the attention of a Wikipedia insider, whose reply includes the following:

We’ve been aware for some time of organized attempts to insert bias into our articles coming from the creationist/ID movement. …

The article – [[List of banned books]] – is an interesting choice. The evolution article is well guarded against-pseudo scientific nonsense (the people who keep an eye on those articles are trained scientists, and don’t take any BS). I suspect this one was chosen to let them fly under the radar.

Looking at the article now, I see the Pandas entry in the list has been removed. The talk page has a lengthy discussion on it –

… in this case, the system worked exactly as we would hope.

… edit warring ad infinitum is not necessary. Any admin can lock down the article, and/or ban the problem users (those there to push an agenda). The trick is letting the admins know. (I recommend the administrator’s noticeboard – )


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