Michigan: Is teaching ID ok if it’s not in science class?

Reports of today’s action by the Michigan Board of Education seem to say that somehow the Board has affirmatively allowed teaching ID in Michigan public schools, as long as it is not in science classes.

Responding to my inquiry, a reliable informed source tells me by email that

What they voted on today was the science standards, and it would be highly unusual if those included any statements about what may or should be taught in non-science classes. As far as I know, the Michigan educational standards do not include any such statements.

While that certainly is reassuring, I am left to wonder why the news reports are leading with the theme that teaching ID in Michigan schools is OK if it’s not in science classes. Are different reporters creating this notion ex nihilo (as it were)? Lori Higgins’ story at the Detroit Free Press begins:

LANSING — The State Board of Education today approved public school curriculum guidelines that support teaching evolution in science classes.

But the teaching of intelligent design should be left for other classes in Michigan schools, according to the guidelines unanimously adopted by the board.

And Tim Martin’s story for the Associated Press begins:

LANSING, Mich. (AP) – The State Board of Education on Tuesday approved public school curriculum guidelines that support the teaching of evolution in science classes – but not intelligent design.

Intelligent design instruction could be left for other classes in Michigan schools, but it doesn’t belong in science class, according to the unanimously adopted guidelines.

Where is this idea coming from, and what does it mean?

If anyone knows anything about this, I would be greatful for information or links that you could include in a comment here.


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