Michigan update: ID ok in other classes?

The murkiness of news stories reported in an earlier post here is reflected in subsequent stories. The second sentence of the UPI story, for example, reports that

The Detroit Free Press says teachers are still allowed to discuss intelligent design under the curriculum recommendations approved this week.

This marks a little progress, since it’s recognized that this needs to be noted as a reported fact, rather than a simple fact as such.

The question is left open, however, as to where reporters are getting the idea that discussion of ID is affirmatively permitted in non-science classes. A possible answer appears in paragraph 7 of Judy Putnam’ story for the Kalamazoo Gazette:

The decision aligns with the philosophy of Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm, who has said intelligent design can be taught in current-events or comparative-religion classes but not in science classes. Her opponent in the Nov. 7 election, Republican Dick DeVos, has said local districts should decide whether to teach it alongside evolution.

In case you’re wondering if it even matters whether ID is taught outside of science classes, consider what was going on last winter in California’s El Tejon School District (NCSE page).  Added later: Also consider the Texas State Republicans’ 2006 Platform Provision which includes social studies and other subjects in a call for inclusion of alternatives to evolution in the curriculum.


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