more on “OK to teach ID” in Michigan


The headline says, “Intelligent Design can’t be taught in science class,” but the article says:

October 18, 2006 – The debate over offering a curriculum including Intelligent Design to explain the creation of the universe will be left to Michigan’s local school districts, at least for now.


The State Board of Education decided on Tuesday, Oct. 10 that Intelligent Design can be taught in a public school classroom, but the board also sent a strong message in support of teaching the Theory of Evolution.


West Bloomfield Schools Superintendent Gary Faber said he believes Intelligent Design can be taught in public schools, but not in science classes.

“Intelligent Design, in my eyes and professional judgment, is just a theory,” Faber said. “It’s not a proven scientific concept. Does that mean it can’t be taught as what it is in public schools? No, it doesn’t mean that. There are other venues.”

Faber said he’s not against the idea of Intelligent Design being taught in, for example, current events classes.

“It should not be taught in a science class as a scientifically-proved concept,” Faber said. “If there is a philosophy class, it could be taught there. If there is a comparative religion class, it could be taught there. It’s more than appropriate to bring it up, whether it’s proven or not, to keep kids up on the thinking on issues.”


Superintendent of Public Instruction Mike Flanagan declined to say after the standards were approved that teaching Intelligent Design is prohibited under the standards, but said it’s a theory that’s more appropriately discussed in a philosophy or religion class.

I wanted to share this now, although I don’t have time to say more about this tonight. Maybe I’ll add later to this post. This is a development in an issue I’ve been watching here and here.


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