Kansas evolution: 2006 election results

UPDATE: There are now indications that the Kansas Board’s action on science standards (and the evolution issue) is likely to happen as early as February. See here.

In the 2006 election yesterday (Nov 7),

Two antievolution incumbents retained their seats on the Kansas state board of education, meaning that supporters of the integrity of science education will have only a 6-4 majority on the new board.

For more on what has happened, and the implications, see the page at NCSE.

It appears that science standards in Kansas will be changed again, in some way that will not try to redefine “science” as a subject that includes non-natural explanations for phenomena in nature.

Before now, the issues have been debated by lawyers, journalists, and philosophers as well as scientists, but without recognition that these are curriculum matters, and that curriculum consciousness might have some light to shed on how to understand the issues and to deal with them.

I will be making it my business to make sure that a curriculum perspective is heard this time, and I expect that it will make a difference.

Stay tuned …

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Note added Nov. 9:

Another development worth mentioning here is the defeat of Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline. Kline is notorious for a number of things he’s done during his tenure (he was featured on CBS 60 minutes or one of the other primetime network news magazine shows). The NCSE page notes that

in February 2005, Kline offered to defend the state board of education if it were to decide to require warning labels about evolution to be placed in biology textbooks.

(As I’m editing this on Thursday morning, the entire NCSE site seems to be down; but I’m sure that will be temporary.)

For other news and comments on election results across the US as they pertain to the evolution controversy, see the mid-term elections page at The Panda’s Thumb.


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