Laird for President

In my undergraduate class on elementary social studies, I had my students present “political ads,” which I recorded on digital video and used for discussion later.

Laird for PresidentFor purposes of what I did with this, I asked them to not make ads for someone’s candidacy for an elective office, but to make an “issue ad” advocating for or against some kind of law or policy or program that would be decided on by a public authority.

Sometime later, I will add another post on how I used this in my course (I also used it during the 2004 election season in the US). (You can subscribe to the RSS feed for this post if you want to know when that appears.) For now, I just want to share a YouTube video from 5-y-o Laird’s campaign for President. I showed this to my students a week before their presentations. I think it helped them think about what they were going to do; but even more, it helped them imagine doing things like this with elementary school students.

ADDED NOTE: This is working when I view it in Mozilla Firefox, but for some reason it does not seem to be working in MicroSoft Internet Explorer on my system right now (which is having other problems now, so it could just be IE on my system). I don’t have time to mess with it now, though.



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