NSTA rejects Inconvenient Truth – NCSS?

UPDATE: See the NSTA response and explanation regarding this matter.

In an opinion piece in the Washington Post Sunday (Nov. 26, 2006, p. B01), Laurie David (a producer of “An Inconvenient Truth,” a Natural Resources Defense Council trustee and founder of StopGlobalWarming.org) relates how the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) rejected an offer to donate 50,000 free copies of the DVD “An Inconvenient Truth” for use in science classrooms.

For that, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann awarded NSTA president Linda Crosshauer his recognition as “The Worst Person in the World” on his show Monday night (see video below).

For more links, and Olbermann video clip, 

What about NCSS, the National Council for the Social Studies? The video could be appropriate in some social studies classes, and social studies teachers could share it with their science teacher colleagues. Since NCSS is never likely to get major funding from the oil industry, it need not be concerned about losing their support (which is one suggested motivation for the NSTA decision — but see update above).

Here is the Olbermann segment referenced above:


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  1. Mary Haas
    Posted November 28, 2006 at 4:57 pm | Permalink

    Tony, This would be great for social studies teachers. Those worried about taking a position could say they were showing it and having their students trying to determine if it is fact or propaganda. The right wing does this type of intimidation and so they might try it on NCSS.
    Actually, I don’t think they can do any more harm to us than they have already done. Here in WV the supporters of the far right went after a lot of our legislators to try to capture the house and senate. THey targeted candidates with identical ads both on the TV and in papers. THe Democrats and unions fought back and won the seats. However, today I was in a meeting with several and they told me that the claims against the candidates were out and out lies. The group claimed the delegates and senators voted against bills that were never even brought up for votes.

    Well anyway the government has not given social studies much if any money and the oil companies and coal companies ( the head of Massey Coal personally funded all the attacks in WV mentioned above. Forgive me, please. I have never believed in conspiracy theories, but am listening to John Dean’s lates book and am learning a lot. He says Hillary is correct in saying there was a right wing conspiracy against her husband. I am beginning to believe it, too. Did you know that John Dean ordered the break in at the Watergate to get a book from the Democratic Headquarters that had information on a call girl operation that somehow included his wife? Well John Dean didn’t know that either! He did get a big out of court case settlement from the publisher and author of the book that the right wing supported that told this lie. I always thought conspiracies were too hard to pull off, but if you don’t have to work and have lots of money it is amazing what you can do especially if you own a number of media companies.

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