Cato: CHOICE would prevent curriculum conflicts

The Cato Institute has release a report titled Why We Fight: How Public Schools Cause Social Conflict by Neal McClusky, which makes the case for school choice as a preventive solution for avoiding conflict over public school curriculum.

The argument (in line with Cato’s libertarian orientation) is laid out in a 15-page Executive Summary, which is followed by a 37-page Appendix documenting conflicts in the 50 states reported in a 12-month period covering the 2005-2006 school year, followed by 7 pages of footnotes.

The conflicts covered involve:

  • Intelligent Design,
  • Freedom of Expression,
  • Book Banning,
  • Multiculturalism,
  • Mandated Integration vs. Self-Determination [sic — I’m trying to just report here without commenting, but I can’t resist on this one — jaw],
  • Sex Education,
  • Homosexuality, and
  • Religion.

The Executive Summary provides historical background and context, as well as a philosophic rationale for the conclusions.

This outlook of this report was generally shared by speakers on both sides of the “Intelligent Design” event hosted by Cato, as well as by the Cato moderator, as I noted in a previous post here.


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