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Added April 20, 2008: Somebody reached this post today by doing a search on “Ayers” and “BookTV”. I see the BookTV and CSpan links that were originally posted here are no longer good. They’ve changed their databases. The new link for the BookTV database is HERE. The page there includes a link for viewing a recording of the program online.

Pledging Allegiance: The Politics of Patriotism in America’s Schools
Joel Westheimer, ed.

Description: From 57th Street Books in Chicago, a presentation by Joel Westheimer, editor of “Pledging Allegiance,” and William Ayers, who contributed an essay about military recruitment in high schools to the book. “Pledging Allegiance” explores how schools have responded to post-9/11 patriotism in the United States.

Author Bio: Joel Westheimer is University Research Chair in Democracy and Education at the University of Ottawa, and a professor of the social foundations of education. He’s also co-director of He is the author of “Among Schoolteachers.” William Ayers is an education professor and Senior University Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He’s the author of “Teaching Toward Freedom” and “Teaching the Personal and the Political.”

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