Norris (w/ Huckabee) advocates Bible as public school textbook

On The Darwin Report blog, Chuck Norris has been named its Creationist of the Month Club Mr. December 2007.

Embedded in that post (and in this one, below) is a YouTube video in which Chuck Norris — and Mike Huckabee chiming in to support — advocates adoption of the Bible as a textbooks in public schools.

Although it looks a lot like one of Huckabee’s campaign ads, this one does not have the required notices for electoral advertising. Apparently, their treating it as a piece of independent issue advocacy by Chuck Norris. We can expect that it is being carefully targeted to selected audiences. And if this prompts people to vote for Huckabee, well, he can’t help that, can he?

This seems like a stealth effort by a presidential candidate to win support from certain voters without himself a more public stance that could alienate other voters. Does this portend what he would do in office? How can anybody know?

(Click on the “Play” button to play the video here, or click in the viewing area to see the clip on


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    I still think it looks like Chuck Norris found Strom Thurmond’s unfinished bottle of “carrot top” hair dye.

    It’s a roundhouse kick to the Constitution, no? Chuck Norris has met his match: The Constitution didn’t flinch.

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    Ed asks

    It’s a roundhouse kick to the Constitution, no?

    Both in this clip, and in his campaign ads, Huckabee says

    When Chuck Norris does a push-up, he’s not pushing himself up, he’s pushing the Earth down.

    Indeed. We see a lot of people nowadays pushing the Earth down.

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