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An earlier post here featured Ben Stein and his role in Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

Three recent items on the film have been posted by the Southern Baptist TEXAN:

  1. Baptist professors featured in new film,
  2. Q&A: ‘Expelled’s’ Robert Marks, and
  3. Q&A: ‘Expelled’ producer Logan Craft.

On the Panda’s Thumb, PvM rebuts Dembski’s argument quoted in the “Baptist professors” article. The rebuttal is up to PvM’s reliably high standards, except for one slight problem: PvM quotes comments that St. Augustine made in a chapter titled

On interpreting the mind of the sacred writer. Christians should not talk nonsense to unbelievers.

PvM uses the long quotation properly; but it ends with “[1 Timothy 1.7],” which could give readers the idea that this is the citation to Augustine’s text, or that PvM might think so. For anybody interested in the source, it is Book One, chapter 19 in Augustine’s work The literal meaning of Genesis (where Augustine explains that Genesis does not literally mean what “literal” Creationsists claim that it means). For a good succinct discussion of this by Davis A. Young, see

Click here for more on this blog re: Ben Stein and Expelled.

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