eclipsed evolution vote in Texas

update: Feb. 23 / APRIL CASTRO / Associated Press 

Just two seats on the 15-member State Board of Education are being contested in the March 4 primary, but the results of the races could shape the outcome of a brewing battle over how evolution is taught in Texas public schools.

Incumbents Mary Helen Berlanga, a Democrat, and Pat Hardy, a Republican, face primary challenges for another four-year term.


my original post, Feb. 18:

While the nation’s media will understandably be focusing on the race for delegates between Clinton and Obama in the upcoming Texas primaries, some Texans will also be casting votes that could bear on upcoming revision of that state’s standards for science education.

Today the Fort Worth Star Telegram is endorsing Pat Hardy in the Republican primary election for a spot on the State Board of Education, with this description of her stance on teaching evolution, ID, or creationism in the public schools:

During its scheduled review of science portions of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills curriculum standards and its adoption of science textbooks, the board is expected to debate the teaching of evolution versus creationism or intelligent design. Hardy’s position: Creationism and intelligent design are in the realm of religion; evolution is scientific theory; informed students can make up their minds.

Everyone expects McCain to win the GOP nomination, so Huckabee’s continuing participation is being written off as a sideshow for now, mainly of interest for how it will leave various Republican politicians and constituencies positioned after the November elections. With Huckabee continuing to campaign, however, and turning out primary voters who see McCain as way too liberal, the turnout for Huckabee, who supports Chuck Norris in promoting use of the Bible as a textbook in the public schools, their votes could have an impact on State School Board elections that most of us outside of Texas don’t even know about.

As Huckabee likes to say,

When Chuck Norris does push-ups, he’s not pushing himself up, he’s pushing the earth down.



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