evolution in Corpus Christi seat on TX state Bd of Ed

The Corpus Christie area Caller-Times reports on how the teaching of evolution may be affected by the GOP primaries next week.When asked “How do you think the Texas school system will be influenced by the debate between creationism and evolution?” 

Candidate Mary Helen Berlanga answered

It is the job of public schools to teach accurately what science has discovered about the world and universe we live in. As one of my constituents so aptly put it, leaving God out of science does not make it “atheistic” as some would claim. It simply means that God is beyond the scope of empirical scientific investigation and, therefore, is not part of science. When the State Board of Education considers the science curriculum and the textbooks to be used in public schools, I hope we will leave the teaching of creation to the church and use the classroom to teach accurately what science has discovered.

Candidate Lupe A. Gonzalez answered

I believe that a compromise to the debate between creationism and evolution is possible and necessary, and I believe that this compromise (in very simple terms) can be attained if our biology textbooks give equal weight and consideration to both theories. I say this because the best information I can find related to this matter indicates that (for lack of any better criterion to use) there is no scientific proof to absolutely show beyond any reasonable doubt that one theory is the absolute truth. Until this matter is resolved, this debate will continue to divide our great citizens of Texas and will continue to take up much time, resources and efforts of individuals, groups and state agencies, as well as the courts.


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