Science education wins in TX primaries

In the March 4 Texas primary contest, where Huckabee’s campaign might have benefited anti-evolution challengers for the state board of education, those challengers were defeated by the (pro-science) incumbents

Veteran State Board of Education member Pat Hardy of Fort Worth defeated Cleburne urologist Barney Maddox in the GOP primary Tuesday night, holding off an effort by social conservatives to gain a working majority on the politically divided board.

The victory by Ms. Hardy, a former high school teacher and current curriculum adviser in the Weatherford school district, in the GOP primary virtually assures her of another term because no Democrat has filed for the post.

The Fort Worth Republican had been targeted by some social conservative groups for her independent voting ways and her frequent opposition to a bloc of seven social conservatives on the 15-member board.

Social conservatives threw their support behind Dr. Maddox, known for his strong support of creation science and calls to revamp textbooks used in classrooms across Texas.

Education groups and other GOP leaders backed the incumbent.


. . . incumbent Mary Helen Berlanga, D-Corpus Christi, easily defeated a challenger in the Democratic primary who also supported creation science as a better explanation of the origin of man than of evolution. The board is expected to deal with the subject when it adopts new science standards this year.



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