anti-science in Texas

In Three Strikes Over Texas, Lottie Rambleson tells the tale of terror at grade retention when her son had to stay home during TAKS (TX hi-stakes testing) b/c of traumatic head injury:

The following morning, I received a call from the principal. She confirmed that there is no retesting for the Science TAKS. But she also informed me that my son would not be retained in the fifth grade because Science TAKS is not required for promotion! Fifth grade students must pass the Reading and Math TAKS tests in order to be promoted, but they don’t even have to show up for the Science TAKS.

This is a sad story about the testing regime, but her post focuses on multiple expressions of Texas anti-science, and links to twenty-five ways to promote science education.

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    Thanks for helping get the word out, Tony. Your blog has a lot of interesting information and resources. I’ll definitely start checking in here.

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