Documentation re: Texas rejects creation science teaching degree

On April 24 the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board denied an application from the Institute for Creation Research [ ICR ] for certification of its distance education program for a masters degree in “science education,” which would have meant certification of its graduates as science teachers. The following Documents are now posted at the TCEHB website

Institute of Creation Research

Steven Schafersman, President of Texas Citizens for Science, especially recommends the two items that I’ve marked with an asterisk (*) above. There’s a great deal that interests me in the other materials, especially the 382-page ICR document.

Other documents can be found on the website of Texas Citizens for Science, including their testimony and press releases.

ICR has posted a statement titled Academic Freedom in the Balance on their website. A slightly abridged version was disseminated as a press release with the title Science Institute Releases Documents in Texas Academic Freedom Case. Even in this case, ICR has presented itself as a Christian Ministry — and their “Graduate School” as a Christian Ministry. If they sincerely believe that their religious ministry is a “science institute,” this surely gives some clue as to the idea of “science” that they’re teaching.

Reporting sympathetic to ICR is posted at WorldNetDaily with the headline: Texas demands faith in Darwinism — Regulators reject teaching from team of Ph.Ds.

John Young of the Cox News Service has a fine column in the Waco Tribune with the headline Religion in fake mustache.

ICR is pledging to appeal the decision or to challenge it in a lawsuit.

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