Curriculum … also not just “Le programme d’études”

The previous post complains that Curriculum is not just “el plan de estudios,” despite the mechanical translation by the Google translator.

It turns out that the same problem appears in Google’s French translations of “curriculum.” Although the title, at least, is translated from What is curriculum? — Some Observations by Maxine Greene to Quel est curriculum? — Quelques observations par Maxine Greene, “curriculum” is elsewhere translated as “des programmes d’études,” (as, for example, within the quotation from Greene, where the first word “Curriculum” is rendered “Le programme d’études”) .

The Maxine Greene post, like the post here on Journey, Map, or Territory? (some observations by John Dewey), is meant to expose and displace the inadequate conceptions of curriculum that are widespread in common English parlance, and reflected in translations such as these.

As one small effort toward improving on this situation, I’ve posted wiki pages where people can see the Google translations in Chinese, French and Spanish, and replace the interlaced English & machine translation with better translations that better convey the import of Maxine Greene’s and John Dewey’s thought. These pages can be found at:

Curricuwiki translation pages

Please feel free to improve on any of the translation pages, or start your own pages on the wiki!

  1. What is curriculum? — Some Observations by Maxine Greene
  2. Journey, Map, or Territory? (some observations by John Dewey)

The problem of losing the full sense of Curriculum comes to fore now, in the present era of the Internationalization of Curriculum Studies; but that also presents us with the opportunity for multilingual multilogue concerning what it is that we are studying, in Curriculum Studies. This is a long-standing concern of mine, which I wrote about in my paper for the First World Conference on Curriculum Studies in Shanghai in 2003, which is posted


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