Texas GOP: NCLB “a massive failure, should be abolished”

Although my previous post highlights what the Texas 2008 Republican Platform says about “Theories of Origin,” the biggest headline in the Education pages of that platform is surely their statement that

The No Child Left Behind Act has been a massive failure and should be abolished.

Recall that this law was George W. Bush’s signature piece of domestic legislation [not counting the failed effort to privatize Social Security], based on the supposed “success” of this model as it was implemented by his administration as the Governor of Texas.



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    I thought some of you may enjoy this NCLB humor. I wrote this a few years back, but just now have an opportunity to post it to the web.

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    Good job, Kerry.

    Did you know there actually is a Seuss book on high-stakes testing? See
    Book by Dr. Seuss takes up high-stakes testing

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