AAAS resources & video on ID vs. evolution

AAAS has a page of resources and news items on the conflicts over teaching evolution. The page now includes this five-minute video:

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  1. Kevin Currie
    Posted July 10, 2008 at 5:42 pm | Permalink

    I find it pecuiar and telling that ID proponents often cite those scientists like Newton, Paul Davies, and even Einstein as exemplars of sceintists who are also theists. But those thinkers these people NEVER cite are those like Dobzhansky, Ken Miller or Francis Collins (because they are evolutionists!).[Berlinski’s quite mediocre book is a brilliant offers example after example of this. He rightly suggests that many bright thinkers are scientists and religionists, but his book NEVER gives the impression that evolutioists can be other than atheists.]

    Why, if these people are so concerned with showing that science doesn’t rule out faith in God, would they not be thrilled at the existence of those like Ken Miller, Francis Collins, and Alfred Russell Wallace? Wouldn’t that prove their point?

    It is revealing that the answer is “no.” They would have no interest (as they say they do) in showing that science and religion are compatible IF IT MEANS that evolution also be seen as compatible with religion. I suspect that their beef is not with allowing that God be permissible in an age of science, but further, that God replace the theory of evolution completely. Otherwise, why wouldn’t they cite Ken Miller as a friend to the cause?

    Again, it is quite telling that theists like the ones on this video would not be acknowledged by ID proponents while Paul Davies would have no problem.

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