DI’s legal eagles & the “Academic Freedom” legislation

Commenting on an earlier post, Ed Darrell writes:

It seems quite clear that whoever drafted the law has very little experience in drafting laws, and less experience in trying to carry out such laws.

From a press release by the Louisiana Coalition for Science, we learn that

DI senior fellow and legal advisor, Gonzaga University law professor David K. DeWolf (torts and consumer law,not constitutional law), has reveal[ed] that he helped craft SB 733 in accordance with DI’s model academic freedom act. DI coordinated the introduction of such legislation, in various forms, in six states this year, including Louisiana.

DeWolf is lead author, along with John West, Casey Luskin, and Jonathan Witt, of Traipsing into evolution: intelligent design and the Kitzmiller v. Dover decision. That book includes a reprinting of their “Brief of Amici Curiae Biologists and Other Scientists in Support of Defendants” for the Dover trial. I’ll be having some fun with that brief in an academic article that I’ll be writing soon.

As for Luskin, see http://lasciencecoalition.org/2008/07/13/creationists-wink-nudge/ for the story of how he got off message and spilled the beans on what this legislation is really all about, forcing John West to attempt damage control.


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    DeWolf was also the perpetrator of law review articles prior to Dover in which he argued that teaching creationism is constitutional.

    He never puts his bar number on any of these suits, I’m guessing because even these foolish clients are not dumb enough to let DeWolf take money for such advice — but if he did, I think he’d be open to malpractice.

    In this case, I don’t think anyone has ever successfully sued anyone, let alone an attorney, for a horrible job of drafting legislation, and I’ve seen worse.

    So — what else is new? — we discover one more area in which the Keystone Kop group at the Discovery Institute is incompetent to the point of criminality.

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