Beware of (VIDEO !!!) posts on Palin & creationism

Warning on (VIDEO !!!) posts in “creationism” category.

[Clicke here for my (text only) post on the topic, with links to other sources.]

== Update: WordPress has removed most of these posts. I see one that’s still there now, and I’ve reported it. ==

There were warning signs, but I went ahead trying to see the video. It looks like YouTube, but it was on a couple other different url’s, & I couldn’t find it on If you try playing it, it says you need to install an Activex codec. McAfee warned about invalid signature. I looked over the Category posts & saw some on for hours with no comments; so I decided to trust the WordPress community to raise warnings if this wasn’t legit. I went ahead with the installation, ignoring 2 McAfee warnings about registry changes. The installation closed Internet Explorer, and when I reopened there was a new “Security Toolbar” that opens ads for “security” software (as if I’d trust anyone who markets that way). The “video” still doesn’t play, but again says the new codec is required.

I did a Windows XP “system restore” which seems to have undone the registry changes. Now I’ll do a complete virus scan.

Maybe these posts are legit & there’s just something flukey with my experience; but I feel an obligation to share my experience with the community.


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