Texas science standards drafts posted

Drafts for revised science standards in Texas are now available at http://www.tea.state.tx.us/teks/scienceTEKS.html .

A press release by the Texas Freedom Network notes that the work groups that prepared the drafts for the various science disciplines “removed unscientific language about `strengths and weaknesses’ of scientific theories for biology and other high school science courses.” That language is still there, however, in the standards for astronomy and chemistry in grades 9-12.

The TFN press release also notes and comments:

The work groups added language from the National Academy of Sciences to the standards making clear that supernatural explanations are not based on science and do not belong in classrooms: “Science uses observational evidence to make predictions of natural phenomena and to construct testable explanations. If ideas are based upon purported forces outside of nature, they cannot be tested using scientific methods.” That language clearly puts supernatural and religious concepts such as “intelligent design”/creationism outside the realm of science.



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