Intelligent Design and the Dewey Decimal system

Sensuous Curmudgeon has a new post on a crusade by Fla. State Sen. Ronda Storms against the Dewey Decimal system. Previously, the Curmudgeon had been inspired to write Florida: The Flat Earth State, when Sen. Storms introduced ‘FLORIDA’S “OK TO TEACH CREATIONISM” BILL’ (which in one version would have immunized Florida teachers who wanted to teach creationism against having to adhere to the state’s Science Standards).

I felt a vague recollection of something involving ID and Dewey Decimal some time ago. Thanks to Google Desktop, I was able to come up with better than vague memories. Here are the links:


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    Great work, Tony! I missed that issue completely.

  2. Posted December 25, 2008 at 12:27 pm | Permalink

    If ID is pseudo-scientific junk, then what is YOUR alternative and can you please put that in a testable hypothesis?

    Just curious…

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    Or are you going to ban me also?

  4. Horton
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    Here is the REAL ATERNATIVE to the psuedo-theories:

    We are all, and all we know has been, the dream of an actual entity that goes by the name of Jo-Jo Who. The Whos dream in such detail that they can imagine cells, synaps, electrons, valcanoes, etc. –even religions and evolution!!! the Whos can project their dreams as holograms anywhere for other Whos to view. Jo-Jo’s dream of us is the most controversial on their planet because many of the Who’s can’t comprehend why Jo-Jo dreams of war and genocide and greed. ( to mention just a few of our less attractive highlights).I can see their point; why would such an intelligent supreme being as Jo-Jo come up with all that pain and misery to inflict upon his own imagination! When Jo-Jo dreamed of hurricane Katrina and how the wealthiest humans just let the poor ones get washed out to sea, some Whos were so upset they almost woke Jo-jo from his sleep. The last 8 years of Jo-Jo’s dream chapter about his “America” has been viewed by the Who’s as a tragic comedy. They actually feel very sorry for us. Now, keep in mind that the planet Who is just a speck of dust on a piece of pollen on a clover on an even bigger planet, but we are fortunate that on that planet the inhabitants are not nearly as “civilized” as Jo-Jo’s imagined us to be, so they haven’t learned to pave over everywhere that clover can grow, and then blow-up everything that is paved!!—-Sooo.. if you want to test this hypothesis just wake up Jo-jo and see what happens to us, or, just believe it because it is every bit as unproveable as other psuedo- scientific theories.

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