The US College Football Championship — A weakness of evolution?

The current issue of the TBSE newsletter is headlined “January 2009 Weakness of Evolution – Origin of Life Itself,” and the linked item on their homepage proclaims: “Weaknesses of Evolution:  Origin of Life – Just because Darwinists don’t want to talk about it doesn’t mean it’s not a weakness of evolution! (newsletter here).”

That’s like Ben Stein’s delusion that it’s a weakness of evolutionary Biology that it “cannot explain gravity.”

The reason Biologists don’t talk about a “Darwinist” explanation for the origin of life is that there isn’t one. Darwin’s theory was a theory of the origin of species — not the origin of life from non-life. Darwin’s theory is also not a theory for explaining gravity.

It would make as much sense to proclaim, “Weaknesses of Evolution:  College Football’s National Champion – Just because Darwinists don’t want to talk about it doesn’t mean it’s not a weakness of evolution!

That seems pretty dumb. But right now, the audience for this propaganda is the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE). And TBSE needs only expect that enough members of the SBOE are either ignorant or dishonest enough to use this line, in their drive to open Texas biology classes to inclusion of creationism.

(If you don’t know about the controversy over the BCS, & designation of a national college football champion in the US, I won’t explain it here — try Google & Wikipedia. Anyway, neither Darwin nor modern Bio-science have anything to say about it.)

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    I agree, Dr. Whitson.

    I suspect that the reason anti-evolutionists often think that evolution’s “failure” to explain the origin of life (or anything else) is a failure is because they see their own religion’s explanatory power as its be-all and end-all. “My religion can account for all of these things, so evolution’s inability to do so is surely an argument against it, and for my religion.”

    Anti-evolutionists look for chinks (or holes) in evolution’s explanatory power because religion, unlike science, sees an ability to explain everything a virtue, and the idea of leaving any question (even tentatively) unanswered as a flaw. Therefore, they do not recognize that science does not aim at explaining everything, but rather, only explaining what the evidence supports. Religion and sceince are different in their endeavors, and often people (especially anti-evolutionists) fail to appreciate the differences.

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