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ICR: "censorship"An article has now been posted on the ICR website with the title “Censorship in Texas: Fighting Academic and Religious Discrimination.”

It’s more of the same, but I think it vindicates a couple points that I raised more speculatively in my previous post on the ICR lawsuit:

1. I wrote, “It’s written in the kind of language used by Hollis Greene in Big Love when he’s talking on the telephone.” In his post, James J. S. Johnson, author of the ICR lawsuit, writes:

For perspective, consider the legal crisis faced by the Jewish leader Zerubbabel during a time in history documented in the Old Testament book of Ezra (chapters 4-6).

Zerubbabel undertook a project for God in Jerusalem with the approval and support of King Cyrus, ruler of the Persian Empire. The immediate task (which presupposed Jewish hearts returning to God) involved repatriating Jewish exiles and leading them in rebuilding the Temple.

But opposition to this noble project arose from adversaries (4:1-3) who claimed that the Temple reconstruction must be prevented for the public good, to prevent social instability that would occur if the Jews were allowed the freedom to continue living and worshiping in Jerusalem (4:4-16). And, for a time, the enemies of the Jewish people got what they wanted, and the Temple project was forcibly halted (4:17-23). For an agonizingly long time, the Temple remained unfinished (4:24), until a form of legal due process provided justice for Zerubbabel and the Jews (5:6-17; 6:1-5).

So Johnson wrote his complaint as would an Old Testament lawyer, pleading for the cause of G*D himself against His faithless adversaries (just as Hollis Greene speaks as God’s Holy Prophet, and bearer of The Law, against those who now occupy the Salt Lake City tabernacle).

2. I also wrote, “The complaint is full of wild, sophistic rhetoric — so wild that it looks like it was written for some other purpose, without any regard for actually trying to win something in court.” Here’s what Johnson has to say:

Will ICR achieve the same type of victory against the THECB? The laws of the United States and of Texas are there to allow it, and the courts have ruled against the THECB in the recent past when it overstepped its authority against three other Christian schools.[fn. omitted] But as it was with Zerubbabel, only God can give the outcome He deems best for ICR and for its school. And ICR will honor Him regardless of what that outcome is (Daniel 3:16-18).

Expect to see more about ICR in the news as we seek justice. Now is a good time to pray for ICRGS, for due process, and especially for the God-ordained leaders involved in applying the law to the facts that are placed before them (Romans 13:1-7).




  1. Posted May 10, 2009 at 9:32 pm | Permalink

    I live in the Dallas area and would like to see the ICR demonstrate their inability to distinguish between faith and science in court. How do I find out when and where this trial will be? I’d also like to find out if a blogger can bring a video camera into the courtroom. I assume that I have to petition the court for that. What’s the procedure for making such a request?

  2. Posted May 11, 2009 at 10:21 am | Permalink

    I don’t think there will be a trial — at least not on this complaint. I expect the judge to throw it out. Going to court before exhausting the administrative appeal process that’s provided for in the Texas statutes is enough reason for the court to throw it out, without even considering the substantive claims.

    The Texas Freedom Network and the NCSE have been recording video of SBOE hearings and Leg committee hearings, so they might know about procedure for that. NCSE is in California, so I would start with TFN.

    But again, I don’t expect that there will be a trial.

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