McLeroy renomination fails in Texas

SBOE Chairman !!but not for long!! Don McLeroy

Don McLeroy, SBOE Chairman -- but not for much longer now!!

As reported by the Austin American-Statesman, Texas Governor Rick Perry’s renomination of Don McLeroy for a second term as Chairman of the State Board of Education was NOT CONFIRMED by the state Senate: “The 19 to 11 party-line vote [Thursday, May 28, 2009] was not enough to get McLeroy across the required two-thirds threshold.”

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Here is the full audio recording of the debate on McLeroy’s confirmation (1hr. 3 min. mp3; play here or download):  TxSenate090529McL.mp3 .

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Senator Steve Ogden

Click here for streaming video (.rm) of the entire 6 hr. + session on the Texas Senate website (McLeroy debate starts at 1:15 into the session).

My personal favorite moment from the debate was when Senator Steve Ogden extolled Chairman Mc’s qualifications to make judgments contrary to prevailing scientific consensus (click here for audio):

He does have a better scientific background than most of us — he’s got a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering!

He has a better science background than most of us — he’s a Doctor of Dental Science [sic] — Hell, he IS a scientist!

(Note: Ogden was not the only McLeroy supporter to credit his “Doctor of Dental Science” degree, although a DDS is actually a “Doctor of Dental Surgery.”

Click here for (many) previous posts on Chairman Mc (some including audio and/or video) on this blog.


  1. Posted May 29, 2009 at 3:34 am | Permalink

    What sort of media player does one need to play the Texas Lege videos?

    • Posted May 29, 2009 at 10:34 am | Permalink

      It’s RealVideo, so it plays in RealPlayer, but i expect it could also play in Quicktime or others if that’s your default.

  2. Posted May 31, 2009 at 12:14 am | Permalink

    Tony Whitson Says:
    (note: Ogden was not the only McLeroy supporter to gloss “DDS” as “Doctor of Dental Science”.)

    Funny — I thought “DDS” meant “Doctor of Dental Science” too.

    Lo and behold — “Doctor of Dental Sciences” (plural) is one of the meanings given for “DDS” —

    • Posted May 31, 2009 at 11:43 am | Permalink

      Another meaning given for “DDS” is the Dewey Decimal System, but I don’t think McLeroy is that.

      I suppose he could be a Director of Dental Services (also on the same list); but the question would be: Is he? The question is not what characterizations might be generated by the letters, but what in fact do they mean in the case of Donald McLeroy?

      Dental Diet System? Death Data Set? Dragon Dagger Special? Dawn Duelists Society?

      The “DDS” following McLeroy’s name denotes the specific professional degree that he earned at the University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston, i.e., the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery.

      But wait! It turns out that Ogden & his colleagues may have some excuse for saying McLeroy is a “Doctor of Dental Science”: They probably got that straight from his bio page on the official website for the SBOE.

      So … does he himself maybe think that he really IS a “scientist”?

      • Posted May 31, 2009 at 1:35 pm | Permalink

        Tony Whitson said,
        –“Another meaning given for “DDS” is the Dewey Decimal System, but I don’t think McLeroy is that. “–

        That statement is typical Darwinist straw-man claptrap.

        It was not my intention to try to show that “Doctor of Dental Science(s)” is correct — I was just trying to show that it has some basis.

        –“It turns out that Ogden & his colleagues may have some excuse for saying McLeroy is a “Doctor of Dental Science”: They probably got that straight from his bio page on the official website for the SBOE. “–

        Yes, but the UT Dental Branch at Houston calls it a “Doctor of Dental Surgery” degree —

        So unless the degree’s title has changed since Don McLeroy received the degree, maybe someone should tell him what his diploma actually says.

        The University of Queensland, Australia, has a “Doctor of Dental Science” program, but it is a research program — also, they call it a DDSc program, which prevents confusion —

        I was surprised to see DDS defined as “Doctor of Dental Surgery.” When I heard its meaning about 50 years ago, it was “Doctor of Dental Science.” Maybe that is a somewhat old-fashioned term that was once in vogue — I don’t know.

        IMO the DDS degree program is too specialized to give a broad overall background in science. However, his EE program probably gave a good background in chemistry and physics — I took a year of college chemistry and a year of college physics in my mechanical engineering BS degree program. Also, a lot of engineering is applied physical science (biomedical engineering also includes biology), though the engineering in ME programs gives a much broader coverage of physical science than the engineering in EE degree programs does.

  3. Thom
    Posted June 3, 2009 at 12:10 pm | Permalink

    I was s fed up with all of the issues regardin McLeroy n the State Board of Education that I blasted tem at teir May 22 meeting, even thoug MvLery tried t gave me out of oder until wiser heads previled Here is wa sai:

    Contested elections are the best way to select a diversity of mainstream and level-headed people to hold seats on this Board. I call for challenges in SBOE elections next year –- indeed, a call to a Higher Power — that being the Voting Sovereignty of the People of Texas. If given the chance, The People will put Excellence in Education first and paranoid right wing plotting last.

    These claims in recent days that poor, poor Dr. McLeroy is being victimized because he is a Christian are both stupid and absurd. If anything, the Mainstream Majority is the one being discriminated against by the neurotic, paranoid, under-educated, Christianist Right Wing. I am a Lutheran, myself, and I find the theology of the radical religious right to be both repugnant and the anti-thesis of the message of Jesus and of the intellectual scaffolding of Dr. Martin Luther. Theology, anyway, should not be a part of the public forum, what with the Constitutional Separation of Church and State and stuff.

    This Board is a statewide and national embarrassment. Texans are tired of going around America apologizing for the actions of this Board. This Board has no vision and no commitment to Educational Excellence. It has become a playground or petting zoo for every crackpot, right wing, neurotic, Christianist political operative and cause in Rush Limbaugh’s and Dick Cheney’s political universe

    As for lacking vision, the Bible says in Proverbs 29:18 KJV that, “where there is no vision, the people perish.” Well, there is no vision here in the majority and what vision here does exist, often and only exists in the minority. What excellence that exists in Texas education, exists at the local level IN SPITE OF this Board rather than BECAUSE of it.

    According to the Secretary of State, eight positions on this State Board of Education will be up for election in 2010. They are in districts 1, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 12, and 15. Five are currently held by Republicans and three by Democrats. Only two of the SBOE districts had elections in 2006 contested by candidates from the major parties. Six of those other contests were one-party affairs except for the four contests which included Libertarian candidates. In two of them, the Libertarian candidates earned nearly 100,000 votes each – in Districts 5 and 10. The high vote for the Libertarian candidates in 5 and 10 suggests that a high level of public dissatisfaction and disgust existed over the right wing stranglehold on this Board – even then in 2006.

    To run for this Board, one must be a citizen, a resident and a voter at least 26 years of age and must pay a $300 filing fee or present signatures. It is plenty easy for Mainstream Texans to run for the SBOE in 2010. The new Mainstream Candidates can focus on Excellence in Education to the exclusion of all else. God Help Us if they don’t.
    thomprentice {at}

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