Faith and Science: Are They Compatible?

from Steven Schafersman, Ph.D., President, Texas Citizens for Science:

In the last few weeks a tremendous literature has appeared about the compatibility of faith and science.

Go to
for links to posts about one of the debates between Jerry Coyne, Chris Mooney, and others. [As of now, it looks like all the posts are linked, but not all with the right names.]
[and go to for more recent posts on that blog]

Lawrence Krauss has just written an essay on the topic for the WSJ:

God and Science Don’t Mix
A scientist can be a believer. But professionally, at least, he can’t act like one. . . .

The [anti-evolution Discovery Institute] has gotten into the fray with a new website:

My own position on these issues will require a book-length argument (stay tuned). For now, I can say that I’m on Mooney’s side of the main argument, although I think I have some things to add to the interpretation/argument.

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