US Educ Sec Arne Duncan on Colbert (Oct 5, 2009)

This weekend I saw Chris Hedges on BookTV’s “AfterWords,” and I thought “this is somebody that I need to see on the Colbert Report.” I decided to do some posting to encourage that encounter (that will be my next post after this one — see the post above this one, or the link with arrow, above right); but first I thought I should check Colbert Nation website to see if Hedges has already been on for this book (he was on earlier for another book), or if a future visit has been announced.

I don’t see any sign there of Hedges going on Colbert for this new book; but I do see that Stephen’s guest tonight (Monday, October 5) is U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, who has said in a recent speech that “The net effect [of NCLB] is that we are lying to children and parents.”


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