Presentation by Dr. Yong Zhao, Confucius Institute at Michigan State University

Here’s a presentation by Dr. Yong Zhao, from Michigan State University

(Thanks for this link to Ana Marjanovic-Shane, who writes, “The video is very long — almost 3 hours but it is worth watching — especially the second part,” in its consideration of “education, creativity, art and play in education [discussed in] a very important context.”)

His title is “What Knowledge is of the Most Worth in 21st Century: Implications of Globalization for Education.” This quotes the “What’s worthwhile?” question raised by Herbert Spencer, which is often treated as the signature question for Curriculum Studies. I will take issue with that characterization of Curriculum Studies in the paper I’m proposing for the AAACS meeting in Denver next April which I’ve started with this blog page to represent what I will be reacting against. This has nothing to do with Dr. Zhao’s presentation, however.

Please leave any comments (below) you might have for a discussion of Zhao’s ideas.


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