Welcome, Rachel Maddow

Deer Park tavern & Willard Hall Education Building

Deer Park tavern & Willard Hall Education Building

Rachel Maddow is dropping in on us to do her show from here, tomorrow night, Tues. October 5.

I’m not kidding. The announcement is here, on her blog.

She will be broadcasting from the Deer Park tavern here in Newark, Delaware, which is right next to the Willard Hall Education Building, home of the University of Delaware School of Education, where I work and teach (although Curricublog has no formal or official association with the School or the University — views expressed on this blog are solely the responsibility of myself or other contributors).

The Google Maps photo at right also shows the entry to the parking facility across the street, which she mentions in her announcement.

street-level view of Deer Park (left) and the Willard Hall Bldg. (right)

The photo on the left shows the Deer Park tavern and the Willard Hall building from street level. (The building is named after a gentleman named Willard Hall, so the building would be “Hall Hall,” not “Willard Hall”; so we call it the Willard Hall Building).

Rachel will be doing her show from Deer Park after spending the day in Wilmington covering the contest between Chris Coons and Christine O’Donnell for election to Joe Biden’s seat in the U. S. Senate.

In her show tonight (Oct. 4) and on her blog post with links for tonight’s show, Rachel uses an idea inspired by the children’s book Swimmy, by Leo Lionni.

Rachel uses the graphic displayed here at the right.

Swimmy is also used in a more substantive post here on curricublog.


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