Palin on Larry King denouncing Obama’s cookie policy (xtranormal animation)

Here’s a new tool — maybe fun, maybe useful — for creating animated movies.

It took me about 20 minutes to create the animation below. This was my first time doing this, otherwise it would have taken just 10 minutes.

I used the “state” desktop software from It’s easy to use, although documentation is weak so you need to do a lot of trial and error. This is a new thing, so there’s sure to be a lot of improvements and more choices and features. It could be easy for somebody to get sucked in to spending way to much time using this; but there could be uses for teachers and students. I remember educators using dialogue bubbles for 2-D cartoon characters as a device for student writing and invention. This could be more effective, and actually easier, once you learn how to use it.

{Note: For a few times after this was first posted, WordPress was saying that the video “is being processed”. It was done with processing and it was working here hours earlier. I don’t understand what was happening (it may have been a matter of multiple servers, not all refreshed for a time). Meanwhile, you can also see the same video file on Facebook .}

I spent $2.97 making this: a one-time fee of 99¢ for each of the characters and the set, which I can use forever after this, without any further cost for this set and these characters; and they apparently are working out special arrangements for teachers and classroom use.

Anyway, with my pre-service social studies teachers, I make a big deal of insisting that real-world background information is always supplied as a source for testing and verifying more symbolic or artificial representations; so, in the case of Sarah Palin’s crusading against the Obamas’ and the Democrat Party’s anti-cookie nanny-state, here is some real-world documentation:


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  1. Posted January 3, 2011 at 4:13 pm | Permalink

    see & “suggestions” there for other xtranormal animations of Sarah Palin & Larry King, with better “production values” than what I’ve done here, for better idea of the software’s capabilities.

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