Documentation for IJSE article: “Howard Zinn and the Struggle for Real History in the United States”

The items on this page are posted as documentation for an article that will appear later this year in the International Journal of Social Education. The complete bibliographic citation for that article will be added here when it becomes available.

“American exceptionalism” and the 2008 GOP Convention

  • Frequency of references to “American exceptionalism,” before and since the 2008 GOP Convention



  • Link for Convention Speech by Kansas Senator (now Governor) Sam Brownback


Bill Bennett, and Lynne Cheney, on Zinn’s A People’s History

  • Click on the player below to hear an audio clip of Bill Bennett’s comment quoted on p. xxx of the article:

To view the full video of that interview, click on the image below:

Bill Bennett on BookTV "After Words"

  • Click on the player below to hear an audio clip of Lynne Cheney’s comments quoted on p. xxx of the article:

To view the full video of that interview, click on the image below:

Lynne Cheney at the National Archives, on BookTV

David Barton and the Texas School Board hearings, Sept. 17, 2009


A streaming video file of the 2½-hour session including David Barton’s testimony and colloquy with SBOE members should be available through a link on this page:
TEA Committee of the Full Board – September 17, 2009

On that page, you can scroll down to “4. Item 3 Continued” and click on the orange text to start the video stream.

| 4. Item 3 Continued  ____.--|___________________________
|Expert Testimony___________________________________________
|[view discussion of item 4] 2 hours 27 minutes 6 seconds __

I have found that the link from that page is not always working. If it’s not working when you try it, you can try the link that’s posted here: (sorry, I can’t post it on this page for technical reasons.).

To hear the audio from the 45-minute segment of that session with Barton’s testimony and the ensuing colloquy with members of the Board, just click on the player below:


2010  Changes to the Texas Hight School Social Studies Standards Item on Social Progress and National Identity

The full citation for this draft provision of the TEKS is provided below. Note that the image on this page would print out only as a low-resolution bitmap image. Click on the image below for a pdf version (with scalable text that can be copied for quotations, and which will work better if you want to print it out).

Texas State Board of Education, “Proposed Revisions to 19 TAC Chapter 113, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Social Studies, Subchapter C, High School, 19 TAC Chapter 118, and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Economics with Emphasis on the Free Enterprise System and Its Benefits; Subchapter a, High School (Approved for Second Reading and Final Adoption),” (April 2010), p. 13. This and previous drafts and review reports are available at Texas Education Agency, “Social Studies TEKS,” (June 25, 2010), The final standard, now in effect, is “Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Social Studies; Subchapter C. High School,”

The original pdf file of the draft version presented here has the striken text in red, and the added text in blue (added by the SBOE) or green (added by an SBOE review committee and accepted by SBOE). The change in (D) from “including” to “such as” means that the names that follow are optional, rather than mandatory, for inclusion. I am not treating such things as the substitution of “explain” for “analyze” as significant changes, despite some SBOE members’ enchantment by lists of verbs associated with the Bloom taxonomy. Words retained from the drafting committee of historians and teachers are the words that appear here without boldface or strikout.

Material on this page is Copyright © 2011 by James Anthony Whitson. It may be reproduced and used freely under the conditions that (1) no item on this page may be substantially altered without notice to readers, and (2) attribution must be given by citation to the IJSE article to which this page is an attachment. The bibliographic information for that citation will be added here when it becomes available.

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