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Tough Liberal: Albert Shanker

from (ncludes links for purchasing the book, or viewing RealPlayer recording of the program): Richard Kahlenberg talks about the life and career of Albert Shanker, president of the United Federation of Teachers from 1964 to 1984 and president of the American Federation of Teachers from 1974 to 1997. Commentary is provided by Eugenia Kemble […]

E.O. Wilson on BookTV (& “methodological naturalism”)

E.O. Wilson will be featured in a 3-hour interview program on CSpan-2 in the US Sunday August 5 Here is a question that I’ve sent by email. I don’t expect they’ll use it, but I’d be interested in responses from others as well. Since this blog concerns curriculum, the question here is not whether ID is true or not, but whether it belongs in science classes.

Pledging Allegiance (BookTV)

Added April 20, 2008: Somebody reached this post today by doing a search on “Ayers” and “BookTV”. I see the BookTV and CSpan links that were originally posted here are no longer good. They’ve changed their databases. The new link for the BookTV database is HERE. The page there includes a link for viewing a […]

Blyth Patriotism (BookTV): “How to Raise an American”

On BookTV — CSpan-2 — Eastern Daylight Time On Saturday, May 19 at 9:15 am and Sunday, May 20 at 4:00 pm How to Raise an American: 1776 Fun and Easy Tools, Tips, and Activities to Help Your Child Love This Country Myrna Blyth Description: In “How to Raise an American,” Myrna Blyth instructs parents […]

Rod Paige v. Teachers Unions (BookTV)

  Remember when Bush’s Education Secretary Rod Paige called the NEA a terrorist organization? Well, he’s Baa-ack — with his new book: The war against hope: how teacher unions hurt children, hinder teachers, and endanger public education.Click the title (above) for detailed information on the book, and to check your local libraries on WorldCat (with […]

Zimbardo: Abu Ghraib, Milgram, Prisoner Experiment (BookTV)

Zimbardo cites the treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib and draws on the findings of his Stanford Prison Experiment, in which a group of student volunteers were arbitrarily divided into “guards” and “inmates” and then placed in a simulated prison environment.

Howard Zinn on BookTV (video online)

On BookTV Howard Zinn talks about themes in his new book, A Power Governments Cannot Suppress. His talk includes comments that are relevant to the attack on Zinn by Lynne Cheney (discussed earlier here).

Shermer & Wells @ Cato (video online)

Update: This event will be on BookTV three times this (Thanksgiving) weekend:
On Thursday, November 23 at 5:30 pm and Friday, November 24 at 6:15 am and Sunday, November 26 at 3:00 am …
Michael Shermer spoke on themes of his book Why Darwin Matters: The Case against Intelligent Design, followed by Jonathan Wells, author of the “Promiscuously Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design.” MP3 Podcast and RealMedia video recordings of the event are linked from the Cato site.

Sunstein & “social knowledge”

In the future I will be writing more about the crucial difference between these two senses of “information.” They are such different ideas that I need to adopt different ways of signifying them. For now, I’m thinking of differentially using “in-formation” juxtaposed with “info-mation.” It seems to me that this could work. What do you think?

Infotopia on BookTV

Professor Sunstein presents the possibilities of a human potential to aggregate information by sifting through volumes of unfiltered information without resorting to prejudice and preconceptions.

Book TV: Travels of a T-Shirt, and National Book Festival

note: if you would like to know about any rebroadcasts of the T-Shirt program in future weekends, use the RSS feed.  See ============ The weekend schedule for CSpan-2 is at . A big chunk of time this weekend will be live coverage of the National Book Festival, which means the scheduling is more flexible and we don’t […]


Updated October 10, 2009 Today somebody reached this article by searching on “antietam academic tour”. Since this was originally posted, CSpan has made big changes in their website. These changes have been for the better, but unfortunately they have not done anything so that old links would still get you somewhere. On their new website, […]

Lynne Cheney vs. Howard Zinn; and an invitation to participate in an online history project

In November 2005, C-SPAN’s BookTV recorded an interview with Lynne Cheney, wife of then Vice-President Dick Cheney, about a new book in which she provides her chronology of selected events in U.S. history. During that interview, she explained how she saw her book as an antidote to Howard Zinn’s book, A People’s History of the […]

Book-TV notification

Now you can use this blog to get notification of when BookTV programs I have recommended to my colleagues are being re-aired.

dilemma: hi-stakes history test ?

 == UPDATE == Bender’s talk will be re-aired on Sunday Sept. 10, 2006 at 3:00 am EDT. See:  =========== See for info on a talk by one of my favorite American Historians on his most recent book, which concerns the teaching of American History as part of World History. During the  Q&A, Bender commented […]

Book-TV notification

From time to time, I have posted messages to e-mail lists calling attention to programs on BookTV ( – weekends on CSPAN 2) that I think my colleagues might want to know about. People have often let me know that they are interested, but that they did not see the message until after the weekend […]

History: US in the World; also hi-stakes testing

Bender is right about US & World history; but I disagree with the notion that history can or will really be taught if we have high-stakes testing for history.