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Creationist “grad school” sues over Texas “science education” degree accreditation

Added August 2009: Refusing to deal with the Complaint discussed below, the judge ordered that a new complaint must be filed before the lawsuit could proceed. Click here for the ICR’s second amended complaint. =========== The Institute for Creation Research Graduate School (ICR/ICRGS) has filed a lawsuit (April 16, 2009) against the Texas Higher Education […]

Audio for Texas Science Standards March 2009 now available

Audio files from the sessions of the Texas State Board of Education, March 2009, on state standards (TEKS) for science education (evolution, vs. “strengths and weaknesses,” etc.) are now posted at .

“Strengths & Weaknesses” fails again in Texas

Thursday, March 26, 2009 A bid to restore “Strengths and Weaknesses” language to the Texas Science Standards (TEKS) has again been defeated by a 7-7 vote of the SBOE, meeting as a committee of the whole. The final vote will be tomorrow. Audio of Eugenie Scott’s 3/25 testimony is here. Other audio will be posted […]

Texas SBOE March 25 testifiers

Thursday, July 16, 2009 The Report below is from the official minutes of the meeting, which are posted publicly months after the event. This list shows the speakers who actually spoke during the meeting, in the order in which they actually spoke. These official minutes are followed in this post by the list that was […]

McLeroy’s endorsement of creationist nonsence book

In a comment on an earlier post here, Scott calls attention to a press release on a new book attacking “evo-atheists” (such as the NAS), with an endorsement by Don McLeroy, who identifies himself in the endorsement as the Chairman of the Texas State Board of Education (!) For more on this, see “Don McLeroy, […]

Texas Bill on “Science” Teaching

A bill has been introduced in the lower house of the Texas legislature that would mandate and protect anti-science teaching and learning in the state’s science classes. Instead of elaborating, I’ve just added the emphasis in the text below: . By: Christian H.B. No. 4224 A BILL TO BE ENTITLED AN ACT relating to the teaching of science […]

Bill Ayers to be on BookTV Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bill Ayers will be on BookTV (CSPAN-2) from 8:30-9:40 am Eastern DAYLIGHT Time. The BookTV page for this program says: William (Bill) Ayers talks about two books he co-edited on the problems facing city schools, students, and teachers.  “City Kids, City Teachers” is an updated edition of a book first published ten years ago.  “City Kids, […]

TX Creationist Saenz to talk 2/7/09 – audio here of his SBOE testimony (& link to Luskin interview)

As announced at the Austin Chronicle‘s Newsdesk, Jonathan Saenz of the Free Market Foundation (the Texas affiliate of Focus on the Family) will wade into central Austin to make his case for keeping the “strengths and weaknesses” language in the state’s science teaching curriculum, wording that has been used by his group and others to […]

Leo’s Jan. 22 amendments to the Texas Science TEKS

The version of the Texas TEKS science standards approved by the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) on January 23 included several amendments that it added January 22, amending the revised TEKS standards that were recommended by the writing teams of scientists and science educators. SBOE chairman McLeroy’s amendments, and his quote-mining to trick the […]

Dunbar, Scott on Arber: scientific consensus vs. scientific knowledge?

During the January 21 hearings of the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE), there was an exchange between Board Member Cynthia Dunbar and Eugenie Scott (of the National Center for Science Education) that is, I think, particularly significant. The exchange concerns the views of Nobel laureate Werner Arber. Dunbar had invoked Arber’s name (or some […]

Texas SBOE on Science Standards January 22, 2009 (Audio)

About laws and sausages, it is said that you really don’t want to see how they are made. Even worse, however, is to see the making of TEKS education standards in Texas. I’ve just spent some agonizing hours capturing the audio feed of the January 22 meeting of the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE), […]

Texas State School Board supports science education

Update: After voting down Dunbar’s amendments to restore the “Strengths and Weakness” language, other troubling amendments did get passed. Audio of the Board’s votes and discussions January 22 are now posted at . There are also links on that page to three live blogs with text accounts of what was done. ============================= In preliminary […]

TX SBOE science hearings 1/21/2009 (with audio)

Audio files of the Texas Bd. of Ed. hearings on science standards, Jan. 21, 2009 can be played or downloaded from this post. Live blogging from the event was done by Steve Schafersman, President of Texas Citizens for Science Josh Rosenau of the National Center for Science Education (His own blog, not an NCSE blog) […]

Schafersman v Cargill mini-debate on Science TEKS

See the information in Steven Schafersman’s comment, below the body of this post. ========================================================= Steven Schafersman, president of Texas Citizens for Science, will be in a mini-debate with Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) member Barbara Cargill at 8:20 a.m. tomorrow [Texas time; that’s 9:20 in New York and 6:20 in California] (Jan 21, 2009) […]

Implementing Louisiana’s “Science Education” law

For today’s (Jan 14) update on the Louisiana Board’s consideration this week of policy for implementing the state’s new “science education” law, see this post by the Sensuous Curmudgeon. You can click here to download a pdf of the report  posted prior to the meeting. (Note: I extracted these pages from the humongous file on […]

Emergency! (not OK in Oklahoma)

First out-of-the-gate in what will be this year’s rash of “Academic Freedom” [i.e., anti-Bio-science] bills is S.B. 320, Oklahoma’s self-styled “Scientific Education and Academic Freedom Act,” introduced to address the “Emergency” now threatening that state: SECTION 3.  It being immediately necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health and safety, an emergency is hereby […]

Great Summary of Texas Evolution developments

Americans United for Separation of Church and State has a great online article on recent developments in the Texas conflict over teaching evolutionary biology. The article provides a good summary and context for the 10-year review of TEKS science standard by the Texas State Board of Education. (Click here for a page with links for playing […]