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“banking education”

Thinking along the lines of “banking education” is still common in public discourse, as we hear in this answer from Donna Shalala.

Parents Of Nasal Learners Demand Odor-Based Curriculum

The image from the Newsweek article in the post right below this one reminded me of the image of the student pictured here (at left). Click on the photo here to see the article on parental demands for odor-based curriculum. I think that article is actually very relevant to a point I’d like to raise […]

“Testing boosts memory, study doesn’t”

A study reported last month in Science is being discussed around the blogosphere under titles like “Testing boosts memory, study doesn’t,” and “Testing, not studying, makes for strong long-term memories.” I think the 2½-page published report of the study itself makes for an excellent item to “test” students’ (I’m thinking now of grad students in […]