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“Behold: the atheist’s nightmare” (a banana) [ video ]

Before I say anything about it, just watch this video first:

The Pueblo, me, and Washington, DC

Last January was the 40th anniversary, capture of the U.S.S. Pueblo — as commemorated then on Ed Darrell’s blog. More recently, Ed’s added a post on the continuing repercussions of that event, even reaching to last week’s negotiated agreement between North Korea and the Bush administration over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. This new post […]


evolution disproved on GodTube

Here’s a devastating disproof of evolution: I had decided not to bother blogging about this, but that work’s been done for us by The Sensuous Curmudgeon.

Expelled — approaching extinction?

My guess is that Expelled will not survive out on the surface and in daylight. It might not be able to survive at all without some mutation to accommodate pressure from the legal environment — but after such mutation, the film will survive in dark, dank, cavernous environments; but the predators that feed upon such fare will still roam free to infect other populations with this malicious virus.

“Ben Stein is the Rosa Parks of Darwin Skeptics”

Proponents of “Intelligent Design” continue trying to portray their efforts as a struggle for civil rights, as in this amusing post touting Ben Stein as “the Rosa Parks of Darwin Skeptics.”

Ben Stein — EXPELLED

Judging from the website, we can expect this movie to be an extraordinary example of the propaganda technique known as the Big Lie. The movie apparently hammers away at a few claims of monstrous misdeeds by the “neo-Darwinists,” with one fabricated example after another.

Children of Jihad

I’m listening now to a fascinating presentation by a book author who has spent substantial time with young people in the Middle East. The book is: Cohen, Jared. Children of Jihad a Young American’s Travels among the Youth of the Middle East. New York: Gotham Books, 2007. Information about the book, including library holdings in […]

Colbert WØRD: “Heated Debate”

Stephen Colbert says: “College students should be unformed lumps of clay fixed in the kiln of unchallenged thoughts.” Click here, or on the image below, for the Colbert video at the Comedy Central website. (The image was originally linked to the Cavuto interview on YouTube; but apparently FOX has had that YouTube video removed.) As […]

New operating system: the book (YouTube)

My thanks to Martha Ford of the Delaware Center for Teacher Education and the Delaware Writing Project for sharing this with our curriculum theory class!

NSTA on “Inconvenient Truth”

UPDATE: Seethe NSTA response and explanation regarding this matter.

Sunstein & “social knowledge”

In the future I will be writing more about the crucial difference between these two senses of “information.” They are such different ideas that I need to adopt different ways of signifying them. For now, I’m thinking of differentially using “in-formation” juxtaposed with “info-mation.” It seems to me that this could work. What do you think?

Wikipedia founder: “Free the curriculum!”

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia and the Wikimedia project, issues a call to “Free the Curriculum.”

Infotopia on BookTV

Professor Sunstein presents the possibilities of a human potential to aggregate information by sifting through volumes of unfiltered information without resorting to prejudice and preconceptions.

Wikipedia, ID-creationism, and “banned books”

I emailed a Wikipedia insider about the recent flap over ID folk inserting Of Pandas and People into the list of “banned books” in an article on that topic. His reply includes relevant links, as well as a link for Casey Luskin’s post “putting Wikipedia on notice” about the anti-ID bias in Wikipedia science articles. (!) […]

wikis and/as textbooks

An article in Teachers College Press reports on the lack of adequate textbooks in California’s public schools — especially in financially less well-off communities. The authors have been sharply critical of high-stakes consequences being imposed by NCLB on students in schools without the resources needed for an education that measures up to the state’s standards. […]