“neutrality” strikes again: banned band shirts in MO (evolution/religion dispute)

A story by Tonya Fennell for the Sedalia (MO) Democrat reports on the action taken by Assistant Superintendent Brad Pollitt in response to complaints from some parents about T-shirts designed for the school marching band’s program, “Brass Evolutions 2009.” Pollitt says he “made the decision to have the band members turn the shirts in after […]

Ann Coulter et al. at Coral Ridge

On August 20 the Coral Ridge Hour broadcast included a feature on “The ACLU vs. Creation in the Classroom,” featuring Ann Coulter and a number of others. The 7½-minute video can be viewed in RealPlayer, and is linked from http://www.coralridge.org/medialibrary/default.aspx?mediaID=2801 . In an item on “Hitler as Darwin’s Love Child,” People for the American Way’s Right Wing […]