Intelligent Design and the Dewey Decimal system

I felt a vague recollection of something involving ID and Dewey Decimal some time ago. Thanks to Google Desktop, I was able to come up with better than vague memories. Here are the links:

Teaching evolutionary life science in Florida (NYTimes)

Amy Harom has a great piece in the August 23, 2008 New York Times on a Florida teacher engaged in teaching evolutionary life science to a high school class that includes religiously committed skeptical students. The article is unusual in looking at the issues as matters of curriculum, requiring knowledgeable responses by educators, and not […]

Florida legislation (pending) on Teaching Evolution

Note that the interpretation by the staff analysts for the Florida House itself is dramatically more ominous than even the critical interpretation on The Panda’s Thumb.

Creationists’ new legistlative maneuvering: state “Academic Freedom” acts

The latest wave of anti-bioscience activity in the legislative arenas in several states is the Introduction of “Academic Freedom” bills, such as the one introduced in Louisiana recently (and discussed by Casey Luskin at the Discovery Institute’s Evolution News and Views blog (with the illustration posted here at right). The “Louisiana Academic Freedom Act” declares […]

Wired: Evolution Wins as Creationists (Accidentally) Switch Sides in Florida

On the Wired blog, Brandon Keim reports: The Florida Board of Education officially upheld evolution yesterday. The board didn’t quite mean to do that, of course. In a 4-3 vote, the Board accepted a proposed curriculum that replaced all references to evolution with the phrase “the scientific theory of evolution.” In so doing, the board […]