Documentation for IJSE article: “Howard Zinn and the Struggle for Real History in the United States”

The items on this page are posted as documentation for an article that will appear later this year in the International Journal of Social Education. The complete bibliographic citation for that article will be added here when it becomes available.

State of the Nation: IN PERIL! (Bachmann speech / videos)

On his MSNBC Hardball program last week, Chris Matthews was calling Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) a “balloon head” — somebody who speaks freely without knowing anything, about U.S. history, in particular, and somebody who need to go back to school to learn something about history, so that she might finally know something about the things she likes […]

“We Report, You Decide” (with video)

Check out this video under the Headline History Being Rewritten? Texas textbooks: Hearings being held to change history textbooks on “Reporting” from Austin, Fox’s Peter Doocy says it’s “kinda scary” if people are going to be teaching about things in history “in a way that’s favorable to their views.” “Who’s behind this?”  host (“news […]

wingnuts cry “bias” on AP report (with links to audio and video)

At a right-wing blog titled “Wolf Howling,” there’s a post titled “AP Goes APE Over Texas School Book Changes,” attacking April Castro for her coverage of the Texas State Board of Education’s demolition of the state’s social studies standards. “Wolfhowling” writes: The author, Ms. Castro, does not want to admit that what we are seeing […]

ABC Nightline on McLeroy & Texas textbook controversy (video)

more about “McLeroy & Texas textbook controversy“, posted with vodpod

TX SBOE not interested in hearing from experts, teachers

Meeting as the Committee of the Full Board Thursday night, November 19, the Texas State Board of Education made it clear that they are not interested in hearing any further from their “experts” or the writing teams of social studies specialists in their revision of social studies standards for the state of Texas. (Click here […]

McLeroy primary opponent announced

See this article in the Houston Chronicle. Click here for (many) previous posts on Chairman Mc (some including audio and/or video) on this blog.

McLeroy renomination fails in Texas

As reported by the Austin American-Statesman, Texas Governor Rick Perry’s renomination of Don McLeroy for a second term as Chairman of the State Board of Education was NOT CONFIRMED by the state Senate: “The 19 to 11 party-line vote [Thursday, May 28, 2009] was not enough to get McLeroy across the required two-thirds threshold.” On […]

McLeroy: We don’t need no evolution

Video and audio of the confirmation hearing on McLeroy’s renomination as Chairman of the Texas State Board of Education are now available and linked here. Here I will just excerpt one point-counterpoint between McLeroy’s testimony and that of Professor Arturo De Lozanne. Throughout these hearings, McLeroy and other creationists have been flatly asserting that it […]

contested McLeroy renomination (links and video)

Chairman Mc’s renomination as chair of the Texas State Board of Education is not going smoothly. Video and audio of the confirmation hearing are now available and linked here. The hearings were blogged live by the Texas Freedom Network, which has also has a blog post on the reported status of the nomination. Other informative […]

Romania Drops Evolution from Education, Substitutes Religion

Mike O’Risal links from his blog to this news report, and adds Wouldn’t Romania be the perfect place for someone like McElroy? His “intelligent design,” a couple of fancy words swapped for Creationism, is perfectly in keeping with the theology that has now fully eclipsed education in that country, and it would certainly be better […]