State of the Nation: IN PERIL! (Bachmann speech / videos)

On his MSNBC Hardball program last week, Chris Matthews was calling Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) a “balloon head” — somebody who speaks freely without knowing anything, about U.S. history, in particular, and somebody who need to go back to school to learn something about history, so that she might finally know something about the things she likes […]

fruit flies, & Creationist Palin’s science ignorance

Palin’s non-understanding of science was dramatically displayed in her first policy speech of the campaighn Friday, Oct. 24. Her subject was federal policy to provide for children with special needs, for which she pledged:

Why should anybody care what Palin thinks about creationism?

The trouble with Palin’s remarks on science teaching is NOT that she, as VP or even P, would somehow insert creationism into “science” curriculum: The problem is it shows a lack of understanding of science itself, which COULD be dangerous — even in a VP.

Beware of (VIDEO !!!) posts on Palin & creationism

Warning on (VIDEO !!!) posts in “creationism” category. [Clicke here for my (text only) post on the topic, with links to other sources.] == Update: WordPress has removed most of these posts. I see one that’s still there now, and I’ve reported it. == There were warning signs, but I went ahead trying to […]