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State of the Nation: IN PERIL! (Bachmann speech / videos)

On his MSNBC Hardball program last week, Chris Matthews was calling Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) a “balloon head” — somebody who speaks freely without knowing anything, about U.S. history, in particular, and somebody who need to go back to school to learn something about history, so that she might finally know something about the things she likes […]

Haynes: “religion by any other name is still religion”

Charles Haynes, senior scholar with the First Amendment Center, has posted and syndicated an excellent new column on the First Amendment’s prohibition of religious teaching in public schools — even when such teaching is not explicitly “religious.” The column responds to a controversy reported in the Los Angeles Times over the “Spirituality for Kids,” program […]

Why I don’t believe in “THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION”

No, Virginia, “THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION” does not actually exist — at least not in science, anyway. In a nutshell, I don’t believe in “THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION,” for the same reason that I don’t believe in Santa Clause: Santa Clause does not really exist, except as a character in folk holiday traditions, crummy TV […]

Discourses (lexicon)

For a new article here on Curricublog, “Why I don’t believe in “THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION,” I will need to use the word Discourse in a sense that’s understood in my field (Curriculum Studies) and in other fields of the social sciences and humanities — but a sense that is not so common in general […]