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TX GOP 2008 platform on Education

The Republican Party of Texas has now posted its State Party Platform for 2008. I have also excerpted and posted here the four pages of that platform with the Preamble, Principles, and positions on Education. As usual the Texas GOP takes interesting positions on many things, but in this post I’ll just quote their statement […]

Cato: CHOICE would prevent curriculum conflicts

The Cato Institute has release a report titled Why We Fight: How Public Schools Cause Social Conflict by Neal McClusky, which makes the case for school choice as a preventive solution for avoiding conflict over public school curriculum.

Shermer & Wells @ Cato (video online)

Update: This event will be on BookTV three times this (Thanksgiving) weekend:
On Thursday, November 23 at 5:30 pm and Friday, November 24 at 6:15 am and Sunday, November 26 at 3:00 am …
Michael Shermer spoke on themes of his book Why Darwin Matters: The Case against Intelligent Design, followed by Jonathan Wells, author of the “Promiscuously Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design.” MP3 Podcast and RealMedia video recordings of the event are linked from the Cato site.

Distinctive value of the Poynter paper on Intelligent Design

The Poynter Center’s White Paper makes a number of other arguments that are being made by others, but I think this framing of the conflict over Intelligent Design in terms of civic education is the special and unique contribution from this paper.