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ICR tries again in suit over grad “science ed” degree in Texas

Unwilling to deal with the hilariously hideous complaint that was filed initially by the Institute for Creation Research in their attempt to get accreditation for their graduate degree program in “science education,” the judge ordered ICR to file an amended complaint, and then a second amended complaint, with a maximum page limit of 20 pages. […]

ICR post re: Texas lawsuit

An article has now been posted on the ICR website with the title “Censorship in Texas: Fighting Academic and Religious Discrimination.” It’s more of the same, but I think it vindicates a couple points that I raised more speculatively in my previous post on the ICR lawsuit: 1. I wrote, “It’s written in the kind […]

Creationist “grad school” sues over Texas “science education” degree accreditation

Added August 2009: Refusing to deal with the Complaint discussed below, the judge ordered that a new complaint must be filed before the lawsuit could proceed. Click here for the ICR’s second amended complaint. =========== The Institute for Creation Research Graduate School (ICR/ICRGS) has filed a lawsuit (April 16, 2009) against the Texas Higher Education […]

Dunbar, Scott on Arber: scientific consensus vs. scientific knowledge?

During the January 21 hearings of the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE), there was an exchange between Board Member Cynthia Dunbar and Eugenie Scott (of the National Center for Science Education) that is, I think, particularly significant. The exchange concerns the views of Nobel laureate Werner Arber. Dunbar had invoked Arber’s name (or some […]

TX Gov names (fundamentalist?) Chair of Higher Education board

Texas Governor Rick Perry has appointed A. W. “Whit” Riter III of Tyler (TX) chairman of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). Does this have repercussions for the attempt by the Institute for Creation Research to get accreditation for its distance education masters degree program for certification for “science education” teachers?

teaching about science and religion in the public schools

Michael Dowd has left a comment on my previous post that I think deserves to be shared. The comment was appropriate there, but it raises a problem that’s a little different from the main focus of that post; so this new post can focus on Dowd’s own proposition. The earlier post quoted John West of […]

ICR appeals TX decision against creationist grad degree for science teachers

The Institute for Creation Research has announced its appeal seeking reversal of the decision by the Texas higher education board against accreditation for its distance education masters degree in “science education,” which would presumable have qualified its graduates for certification as science teachers in Texas (and, they would hope, licensing as science teachers in other […]

Creation Science goes to China

As the Institute for Creation Research has announced its appeal of the Texas decision not to approve its distance learning graduate degree program in science education, which would have led to accreditation of its graduates as high school science teachers in Texas, an interesting view of the Institute’s global ambitions can be seen in a […]

Documentation re: Texas rejects creation science teaching degree

On April 24 the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board denied an application from the Institute for Creation Research [ ICR ] for certification of its distance education program for a masters degree in “science education,” which would have meant certification of its graduates as science teachers. The following Documents are now posted at the TCEHB […]

Henry Morris email re: ICR Texas accreditation hearing

An email sent Thursday April 17 to supporters of the Institute for Creation Research from its CEO Henry Morris III, on next week’s hearing & decision by the Texas Higher Ed Board regarding the ICR’s application for accreditation (and hence, teacher certification) for its distance education masters degree in “science education,” has been posted on […]

Texas decision on creationist masters degree postponed

What is at stake here is not only whether this Creationist program will confer graduate degrees sanctioned by the State of Texas, but whether Texas will be interpreting its approval criteria in such a way that Texas accreditation can no longer serve as a basis for Science Teacher credentials, or for the NCLB requirement for a teacher in every classroom who is “Highly Qualified” in the specific subject they are teaching.

Creationist degree for science teachers: Trouble for Texas under NCLB?

Would Texas state approval of the creationists’ masters degree program in “Science Education” jeopardize its satisfaction of the NCLB requirement for a “Highly Qualified Teacher” in every classroom, and its reciprocity arrangements for teacher qualification in other states?

more on Creation Institute’s “science education” masters degree

To get a good overview of the Creation Institute’s “Master’s Degree Program in Science Education” without clicking through the pages on their site, you can visit Ed Darrell’s blog at

rich source on TX & creationist institute’s science education masters degree

A rich source of materials on these matters is provided by TEXAS CITIZENS FOR SCIENCE.

TX Advisory council recommends approval for creationism master’s degree

The proposal for Texas approval for the Institute for Creation Research to offer a masters degree in science education (reported here earlier) has been approved by the advisoy council.