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Charles Darwin and the Chilean earthquake

On NPR’s Science Friday, March 5 2010, host Ira Flatow had a remarkable interview with geophysicist Ross Stein on Darwin’s observations as he witnessed the 1835 earthquake that struck close to the same place in Chile as the quake that struck a week ago: FLATOW: Wow, wow. Let’s talk about Charles Darwin, and I don’t […]

Cargill welcomes students questioning Darwin’s theory of the beginning of the universe

The Woodlands (TX) Villager reports today that Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) member Barbara Cargill is not happy with all science curriculum changes. From the article: With 10 years of experience as a biology teacher, Cargill said she wonders how the changes will affect teachers and their ability to educate students. She pointed to […]

Ebert slams Ben Stein’s Expelled

Ebert begins his column titled Win Ben Stein’s mind: I’ve been accused of refusing to review Ben Stein’s documentary “Expelled,” a defense of Creationism, because of my belief in the theory of evolution. Here is my response. For more on Ben Stein and Expelled:

more on Ben Stein: “Darwinism cannot explain gravity”

============== Added Feb. 1, 2009: Here’s the current form of an amendment that Texas State Board of Ed Chairman McLeroy (with an egregious quote-mining rampage) got added to the current draft of the Texas science standards, as approved at First Reading Jan. 23, to be put to a final vote in March: [Students will] Analyze […]

Resources on Ben Stein’s Expelled

In addition to “Expelled Exposed,” a page maintained by NCSE with links to coverage on Ben Stein’s movie, the pro-creationist Access Research Network (ARN) also has a page of links to resources. The ARN page may be more comprehensive, including links to items both favorable and critical toward the movie.

from Ben Stein: “Darwinism cannot explain gravity” (with video)

From Glenn Beck’s show on CNN Monday, April 28, 2008:

Darwinism cannot explain gravity, cannot explain thermodynamics.

Ben Stein interviews reveal Expelled deceptiveness

This story is critical to defending themselves against accusations that they deliberately mislead nearly all of their pro-evolution interviewees

NCSE: Expelled Exposed

Keep checking this space for the National Center for Science Education’s official response to the Ben Stein movie Expelled; for now, we hope you will find this collection of resources helpful.

“Ben Stein is the Rosa Parks of Darwin Skeptics”

Proponents of “Intelligent Design” continue trying to portray their efforts as a struggle for civil rights, as in this amusing post touting Ben Stein as “the Rosa Parks of Darwin Skeptics.”

more on Expelled

For anybody interested in the source, it’s in Augustine’s book The literal meaning of Genesis (where Augustine explains that Genesis does not literally mean what “literal” Creationsists claim that it means).

Ben Stein — EXPELLED

Judging from the website, we can expect this movie to be an extraordinary example of the propaganda technique known as the Big Lie. The movie apparently hammers away at a few claims of monstrous misdeeds by the “neo-Darwinists,” with one fabricated example after another.