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I saw this last weekend. It’s worthwhile if you’re interested in this topic (I am, and I have bought the book since viewing this), but it lacked the kind of fresh new insights and ideas that I was hoping to hear. It’s also interesting to see how in this venue [AEI/Brookings] the book appears as a text on issues of regulation & public planning.  — Tony

On Monday, October 16 at 12:00 am [i.e. midnight Sunday night, ET]

Infotopia: How Many Minds Produce Knowledge Cass Sunstein

Description: Cass Sunstein’s “Infotopia” explores the rise of new ways to share and aggregate information. The author details how politicians and companies use open-source software and internet-based techniques to make better decisions. Mr. Sunstein is joined by George Mason University economics professor Tyler Cowen and associate professor Robin Hanson to discuss the future of the human potential to pool information. This event was hosted by the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC.

Author Bio: Cass Sunstein is Karl N. Llewellyn Distinguished Service Professor of Jurisprudence at the University of Chicago Law School and the author of “Radicals in Robes,” “,” “Why Societies Need Dissent” and “Designing Democracy: What Constitutions Do.” Mr. Sunstein is also a contributing editor at the New Republic and the American Prospect.

Publisher: OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS 198 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10016

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Infotopia: How Many Minds Produce Knowledge

American Enterprise Inst.-Brookings Jt.Ctr.for Regulatory Studies

Washington, District of Columbia (United States)


09/12/2006 –

1:29 –


Sunstein, Cass R. Professor, University of Chicago, Law School
Cowen, Tyler Professor, George Mason University, Political Economy
Hahn, Robert W. Director, American Enterprise Inst.-Brookings Jt.Ctr.for Regulatory Studies
Hanson, Robin D. Associate Professor, George Mason University, Economics

Cass Sunstein talked abou his book Infotopia: How Many Minds Produce Knowledge, published by Oxford University Press. In his book, Professor Sunstein presents the possibilities of a human potential to aggregate information by sifting through volumes of unfiltered information without resorting to prejudice and preconceptions. Professors Hanson and Cowen joined him in a discussion moderated by Mr. Hahn.


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