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From time to time, I have posted notices of programs on BookTV ( – weekends on CSPAN 2) that I think my colleagues might want to know about. People have often let me know that they are interested, but that they did not see the message until after the weekend had already passed. Often the program airs again on later weekends, and I have wondered whether I should repeat the post. I have not done repeat postings like that, because I don’t want to clutter e-mail traffic on the lists.

Now you can use this blog to get notification of when programs I have recommended to my colleagues are being re-aired.

If you want to check over their entire programming for each weekend on your own, that’s easy enough to do: just use the link above and click from there to “Schedule” or to the “Alert” (on the left) for an email subscription to their weekly notices.

If you don’t want to go through that every week, however, but you would like to be notified when a particular program will be re-aired, you can “subscribe” to my post for that particular program by using the RSS feed in the grey area just above the “Leave a Reply” dialogue box on the blog page for the particular program that you want to be notified about (i.e., not this page, but the page for the program you are interested in). I’m starting my new practice with this for the first time with a blog that will be posted right after this one, on a talk by the historian Thomas Bender that is being aired (for at least the second time) this weekend. If you would like to catch that if it airs again on a future weekend, you can use the RSS feed on that page to get the update when (and if — I’m not making any guarantees here) I see that it will be aired again and post the update on that page.

To use the RSS feed you will also need an RSS feed reader. That’s easy to do on a variety of personal web pages (I use the Google Reader), or (I’m told) it’s easy with the Firefox browser or the next version of MS Internet Explorer. If you don’t know how to set this up it’s not hard to figure out; but it might be easiest to have a student or one of your own kids show you how or do it for you.


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  1. […] note: if you would like to know about any rebroadcasts of this program in future weekends, use the RSS feed.  See On Sunday, October 15 at 5:15 pm [CSpan-2’s BookTV] [Phylis Schlafly’s] Eagle Forum: Tom Bethell, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science”Description: From the Eagle Council, the Eagle Forum’s annual leadership conference in Washington, DC, Tom Bethell talks about alternative ideas to liberal assertions on global warming, cloning, stem cells, endangered species, and AIDS in Africa. The author believes that science has become politicized and is no longer a neutral field in which facts are observed and theories are tested. […]

  2. […] note: if you would like to know about any rebroadcasts of this program in future weekends, use the RSS feed.  See I saw this last weekend. It’s worthwhile if you’re interested in this topic (I am, and I have bought the book since viewing this), but it lacked the kind of fresh new insights and ideas that I was hoping to hear. It’s also interesting to see how in this venue [AEI/Brookings] the book appears as a text on issues of regulation & public planning.  — TonyOn Monday, October 16 at 12:00 am [i.e. midnight Sunday night, ET] […]

  3. […] re-aired on a later weekend, I will post an update on this page and you can use the RSS feed for this post [right above ”Post a Comment” below] to get a notification of this update in your own RSSreader. […]

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